Welcome to Drafts & Dressage!

A big warm welcome from both myself and Sam.

A little about us.

My name is Jen, I came into riding later in life in 2013 and Sam came into my life in May 2017. Whilst I am not riding or doing horse related activities I am a wife, mum, boot collector and prosecco lover. I am also very proud to have recently become a Brand Ambassador for a wonderful company called Samberwill Equestrian, and am looking forward to working with them, I will be posting more about this soon. But in the meanwhile please do check out their website here:


Riding wise I love dressage. As you have most likely guessed. As I have started to ride later on my life I am behind somewhat. I’m often out hacking and practice where I can as we don’t have a school but, thats merely a small obstacle. I am looking forward to taking some dressage tests this year and really making some progress in my riding. I won’t ever pretend I am any better than I am, so please be kind and pretty please don’t expect any photos of Piaffe! (HA!)

Sam is a 17.2hh Irish Draft and whilst he is 20 years young, he doesn’t act like it. He has spent most of his career as a hunter, and has proved himself to be sensible and bold. He has done some dressage in his past, and this is where we are hoping to build upon what he’s done and what I’ve done and of course most importantly have fun.

Thanks for taking the time to be here, enjoy!

Jen & Sam

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