Happy Easter!

Hi Everyone!

It’s easter and the only day it’s acceptable to have chocolate for breakfast second to Christmas day.

Its been a good week for us here at the Parker household. Mr Postman has delivered a very exciting parcel from me from Sporting Hares containing my beautiful Beauchamp Blazer. It is gorgeous. I cannot wait to wear it out. I may just wear it around anyway, it’s far too pretty not to. Also coming are some Beautiful boots from Fairfax and Favor and a hat from Hicks & Brown. All of which I have had my eye on for a little while. More about that another day as I could go on about how excited I am for quite some time and I have some easter crafts to get ready for my little boy! So Reviews to come!

Aside from getting excited over pretty things, riding wise it hasnt’t happened this week. Despite the clocks changing!! If I am honest it’s been a busy week, but also I have managed to pull a muscle in my back. Sam at the moment is.. let’s say Fresh. The lack of turnout has not helped. So I have decided to rest this week. However Sam has had a couple of days in the field (who else is sick of the mud?) so hopefully he will be a little less erm, excitable. However I am sure he will be excited to be ridden so I am expecting some jogging, snorting and farting and perhaps the odd buck or two. He’s just such a character you cant even be mad.

Being easter I am of course sat here eating prosecco truffles. We have been out at an Easter egg hunt for our son Piran which he thoroughly enjoyed. As I forgot to get to buy Sam a horsey easter egg, I have been baking treats and sadly they weren’t quite ready in time. Whoops. So instead we are having Pony Pamper day, I am sure I will be forgiven.

I also just have to say it. I am SO excited! I have been offered a job at a lovely Livery and Coaching Yard. The people, the horses and the stables are lovely and I am so looking forward to it.

So i’m off to go eat some more chocolate and drink some prosecco..

Happy Easter!

Love Jen & Sam x

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