One week in

So It’s a week since Caspar and I have started our journey together and we have done lots already.

In his past sadly some people hadn’t been kind to him which left him quite defensive in his stable. I was told yesterday by a friend something really lovely. I’ll be honest, I did a little happy cry! It has been noticed that since last Saturday he has been less defensive and more relaxed in his stable. Which is so wonderful to hear. Also after our lesson last night it was noted that his ears weren’t pinned back looking grumpy. Maybe that last one was a fluke. But I really hope this continues. We are working on getting his head collar on without hesitation or turning his bum to me and he is doing really well. I am very lucky to have a fab yard owner and general fountain of knowledge to help us. (Thanks Katy!) I am so proud of him.

We went for a little hack on Tuesday which included an unexpected race with some bullocks and a less than graceful dismount. Think Spider-Man doing the splits. So sadly not much riding was done between Tuesday and yesterday since I was walking a little like I had a peg leg for a couple of days. All good fun though!

After work today I am back up to Bristol to stay with the family for a couple of days and off the Badminton tomorrow. Which will be really lovely. I will however miss my furry friends back at home. I’m looking at you Ellie, Caspar and Sam!

Speaking of which. Beautiful Sam is still very much on the scene and has a new set of shoes ready for lots of lovely summer hacks! He is now at his field for the summer and is very much enjoying being naked and stuffing his face with grass all day.

Enjoy your bank holiday everyone!!

Love Jen, Sam & Caspar


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