Practice & Procrastination

This blog post started out just being titled ‘Practice’ and since I wrote the large bulk of it at least a week ago I decided to add the latter to the title. In between cutting my own fringe, working, toddler wrangling and making an attempt to get into a healthier lifestyle. I had come to a decision.

So, it has gotten to the point where I really can make no more excuses about not going to do our first tests. Caspar and I have been working hard. Not as hard as I would have liked but hey ho. We have gotten to know each other some more, I have been brave and pushed myself out of my comfort zone more often and more willingly. So what’s a couple of little Intro tests right? Well, the thought is enough to bring me out in a cold sweat. There will be people watching me – in my slightly too tight show jacket no less. But people that aren’t my very kind instructor! That in itself is scary.

Then there is the prep. Loading practice, I had no idea how he loads.. that needs to be practiced, turns out that’s fine. Just he rushes a little getting out. Plaits – great at plaiting people, but the horse? That needs practice. Actually trying to remember the tests. That also needs practice. As soon as I remember one completely it squeezes out the first one. It’s an endless circle. Keeping a coloured clean before a show? I’m not sure that all the help or product in the world will ensure his white bits stay white.

Oh God. What have I done? Wish us luck for Sunday!!


Jen, Caspar & Sam xx

4 Replies to “Practice & Procrastination”

    1. Haha you’re definitely not the only one! My brain goes to mush under pressure! We had a fab day though and came home with a 4th and a 6th, I’ve finally gotten around to posting about the day on a new post for the full run down 🙂

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