Little steps

Recently I haven’t posted much as honestly I have been battling my demons with being nervous. I came off, not even badly and we couldn’t ride for a short while to some truly horrendous weather. So during that time I spent some time getting inside my own head, which is always bad news. I’ve been trying to make little steps to get back to where we were.

During the time I haven’t posted, Christmas has come and gone. We had a brilliant low key Christmas Show at our yard. Everyone was brilliant and made such an effort with their fancy dress. Of course the weather was bad, thick fog and a fair amount of mizzle. Caspar and I donned our favourite sparkly things and some fairy lights for the occasion. We both had a brilliant time. We are so looking forward to going out to do more shows in the summer! We treated ourselves to some new stirrups as well as I find my ankle and knee can get a bit sore, so after searching and searching I found the perfect ones for us at Equissimo we went for Tech Stirrups Iris in rose gold. Not only are they super comfortable, the grip is amazing, and they are my all time favourite colour rose gold. What more could I want for.

This time last year we had quite a bit of snow, and this year we have had some more! Not quite the same amount, but it came down thick and fast. It’s also gone as quickly as it came. Caspar and I had a nice relaxed ride in the school in the left over snow. He was such a good boy, he hadn’t been ridden for two weeks due to the wild weather and him having a cough, I was expecting a little bit of a lively ride. But I can’t fault him, such a special boy. Of course, we couldn’t resist a photo opportunity!

Jen & Caspar xx

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