I’ve been thinking recently. What are our current goals? With my 30th rapidly approaching in August, what are our next steps? We need something to aim for.

For those that do not know much about us, I have come into riding later in life. Caspar is my first own, and I struggle with confidence. A lot. Caspar is afraid of poles which is something we are currently working on. He used to jump beautifully but as I say we are working together to get past that. Which will also mean I will have to learn to jump (this is something I am terrified of) I do have a plan set out in my head and I will need to get some help in, I know exactly the lady to help should she oblige. But at some point down the line, this is a ‘step by step’ plan . This, I know will be a very long-term goal and I do not expect to achieve this in 2019. We have a long road ahead of us. But we will get there.

Goals I am thinking so far is to take Caspar out for a beach ride, something I have wanted to do forever. Get a 1st Rosette, by my 30th (August 5th) and get out as much as we can over the summer. And our main one (My main one should I say) is to believe in myself and put all of my faith in my boy. Because I know he does with me.

What are your goals this year?

Jen & Caspar xx

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