This weather, in February has been crazy and amazing! We have got so much done and made so much progress, both ridden and on the ground. We have also been enjoying being a part of the Equissimo search for a new brand ambassador. We are keeping our fingers (and hooves) crossed! #teamequissimo

As some may already know Caspar is terrified of poles. We have been doing some work over the last couple of months at getting past this. With some success. He has been going over reluctantly and was getting himself stressed about it. The other day I am sure some of you have seen via our social media pages we had another go. I honestly couldn’t believe it, totally unexpected, but he willingly walked over in a really calm relaxed way. Not just once but a whole handful of times. I am so proud of him for this as I know how hard it was for him. I am going to work at this little bit by bit and not rush it as I really don’t want it to be a fluke. But I will only work at it when he feels happy to. This is how we got here so it’s how we will continue 🙂

Last night we had a last minute lesson as I had checked the weather forecast and the rain was going to be making a comeback. (Which it has) I am so glad we did, we had a great lesson and did a lot of sitting trot and boy am I sore today. To me that just means we had a great session. Caspar has a new bit also which was making me a little nervous. It was our 4th ride in it and I hadn’t really asked much of him up until then. He seems to be going well in it bar a few giraffe impressions here and there, but time will tell with this.

The next few days will be relatively quiet riding wise until my husband comes home from working away in Ireland as the little man can’t be running wild in the rain with this never ending cold that he just can’t seem to shift. Roll on the weekend!

Jen & Caspar

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