Oops, Its been a while…



Hi everyone,

So what a year its been so far, as your can probably tell, we have been a bit absent, but we have been working hard in that time!!

Our confidence issues are nearly totally behind us, Caspar and I are now both BD Affiliated, and are rearing to get out to compete. We are aiming to go out at Novice level to see how we get on.

Riding wise we have had a break for a few weeks as those who know us in real life know an old back injury of mine bad been playing up (badly) not an injury caused by Caspar might I add!! But I have been on and off crutches and some seriously strong medication!! I finally have and MRI scan booked in on Monday so hoping we can get this solved very soon! In the meantime we will attempt our first ride in 3 weeks or so, here is to hoping it goes well!!

Looking forward to everything to come and hopefully very soon an outing to compete! In the meanwhile here are some photos of our recent adventures!


Stay safe!

Jen & Caspar x


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