About Me

My name is Jennifer Parker. I started riding in 2013 at the age of 24. I caught the bug there and then. But is wasn’t until September 2016 that I really started riding regularly and getting a feel for what I like to do most. Dressage.

As a surfer for many years I found my love for surfing taking a back seat after the birth of my first son which was a surprise to me at the time (the lack of interest in surfing, not my son!). I was intoduced to a local riding stables by a friend where I volunteered for some time and adopted and older retired horse named Coral. I eventually begain to gain enough confidence to have some riding lessons and it really all went from there. My time riding was my one thing just for me and helped me with my general anxiety and a little bit of post natal depression. It was my bit of quiet time to relax now that I didn’t really surf anymore.

Sam came into my life in May 2017. It was meant to be; a big beautiful black Irish Draft. He came at the right time and sharing a name with my husband he couldnt be any more perfect. I can’t imagine my life being any different now.

I am also very proud to say I am a brand ambassador for Samberwill Equestrian. Please do have a look at their lovely website. They stock some fantastic products and have a beautiful range of rider wear soon to be released. They can also be found on facebook and instagram.


So, I guess the rest is history and i’m looking forward to sharing our adventures with you. You can follow me on Instagram also @jennilouparker

Jen, Sam & Caspar x