Apologies for the enormous gap between now and my last post!

The last few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind. I’ve now been at South Wooley Livery and Coaching for 4 weeks this coming weekend and they have been brilliant fun. I have felt very at home and welcome!

I have received a very lovely parcel in the post from Samberwill Equestrian containing a lovely Polo Shirt, which I must very honestly say that I live in it! Super comfy, and is great for day to day wear, riding and yard work! Have a look at their website if you fancy treating yourself! It’s worth it! They also have a 2 day offer on fly rugs at the moment so do go and have a look!! Ends Wednesday 25th April 2018 at 4:00pm. Check out the 2 day fly event here! Which leads me to the next topic.

So since last time Sammy boy has been out on a couple of rides and has been a good boy, and is hopefully going to be off to his summer grazing fields very soon, which I am absolutely sure the first thing he will do is roll. It is also now fly season as I went out this morning and probably ate at least seven whilst giving them their breakfast. Extra protein? Lovely.

I now smell like Deet. all of the time. I have kind of accepted my fate of being a fly’s favourite chew toy but that’s okay because this time of year also means lovely hacks on a warm evening! This is one of my favourite times of year; the mud starts to dry up, my equestrian tan develops and the smell of fly spray lingers on pretty much everything I own. But spectacular views and sunsets on horseback are soo worth the gruelling winter.

So in the last couple of weeks I have been riding a lovely horse called Caspar. He is a real sweetie, and is very sensible for his age too. So on Saturday I shared a session with Katy for Mark Cunliffe’s Clinic at South Wooley. If I am honest I was nervous about being in a school again in a lesson environment, and that really came through. I had settled eventually and we had a lovely session. Caspar and I parted ways very briefly – nothing naughty just the camera took him by surprise I think. After a bit of a laugh about that I had hopped back on and continued to enjoy it. Really looking forward to the next one. I have this habit of getting into my own head I had decided it was a good idea to put my stirrups up as I was a bit nervous.. why? Bad choice as not only do I look like a jockey in the photos, but it would have helped keep Caspar and I together in the earlier part of the lesson and the boot pinching was fabulous… Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

This weekend will be work as normal and the next I will be at Badminton and the following week at Windsor. So exciting things coming up indeed!

Love Jen, Sam and Caspar x

Happy Easter!

Hi Everyone!

It’s easter and the only day it’s acceptable to have chocolate for breakfast second to Christmas day.

Its been a good week for us here at the Parker household. Mr Postman has delivered a very exciting parcel from me from Sporting Hares containing my beautiful Beauchamp Blazer. It is gorgeous. I cannot wait to wear it out. I may just wear it around anyway, it’s far too pretty not to. Also coming are some Beautiful boots from Fairfax and Favor and a hat from Hicks & Brown. All of which I have had my eye on for a little while. More about that another day as I could go on about how excited I am for quite some time and I have some easter crafts to get ready for my little boy! So Reviews to come!

Aside from getting excited over pretty things, riding wise it hasnt’t happened this week. Despite the clocks changing!! If I am honest it’s been a busy week, but also I have managed to pull a muscle in my back. Sam at the moment is.. let’s say Fresh. The lack of turnout has not helped. So I have decided to rest this week. However Sam has had a couple of days in the field (who else is sick of the mud?) so hopefully he will be a little less erm, excitable. However I am sure he will be excited to be ridden so I am expecting some jogging, snorting and farting and perhaps the odd buck or two. He’s just such a character you cant even be mad.

Being easter I am of course sat here eating prosecco truffles. We have been out at an Easter egg hunt for our son Piran which he thoroughly enjoyed. As I forgot to get to buy Sam a horsey easter egg, I have been baking treats and sadly they weren’t quite ready in time. Whoops. So instead we are having Pony Pamper day, I am sure I will be forgiven.

I also just have to say it. I am SO excited! I have been offered a job at a lovely Livery and Coaching Yard. The people, the horses and the stables are lovely and I am so looking forward to it.

So i’m off to go eat some more chocolate and drink some prosecco..

Happy Easter!

Love Jen & Sam x

Baking, Snow and Monty Roberts

It’s been just over a week since mothers day which was a belated one this year. However I was spoilt, I was in desperate need of some new breeches as there were holes in my old ones in the most unflattering places.. As with most of my things I was bought the plum colour which is gorgeous from Horze Equestrian (active silicone grip). I can say they are great breeches and good value for money. In fact this is my third pair! He also treated me to a cap I had been after from Horseware. It has a light built into the peak and it already has proved to be very useful. I got to test it out properly after going to see Monty Roberts at The Grange equestrian centre in Okehampton. I was very lucky to be given my ticket by a friend in exchange for wine and chocolate! I hadn’t seen Monty Roberts in action before and it was honestly an incredible evening, if you had ever thought of going and just hasn’t gotten around to it GO!

That night I was also lucky to have managed to get a lift from South Wooley with a lovely lady called Jo who very kindly made space for me in her Jeep. Thank goodness for that! As we were happily shivering away watching Monty the snow was going down hard outside! It was expected. But not quite like that. After and interesting journey back from Okehampton we had decided that my car wasn’t going to manage the drive home. The whole 5 minutes. But the road was so covered and slippery already it just wasnt worth it. So there my car stayed. Jo kindly dropped me back to the village near the stables as the temperature had dropped down such a lot I had decided to walk to the yard to put a fleece on under Sam’s heavyweight rug. Clutching my hot water bottle and turning on the light on my fancy hat my Son got me off I went. I was quite impressed at how much light my hat gave off considering it was pitch black down the lane at midnight! After eventually waddling home like a penguin in the freezing blizzard like conditions I got home.

The next day there was a lot of snow and a toddler can only stay outside playing for a certain amount of time before removing hats and gloves and getting bored there wasn’t a lot else to do. So we decided to bake. Seeing as we do try not to have cake around the house too much I decided not to bake a cake but instead the horses were baked treats. Needless to say they loved them. Happy toddler after baking, (my) happy waistline from not eating cake and a VERY happy Sam!

Also I would like to say thank you for all those who have supported me in starting this Blog! I hope to keep posting interesting content for you all to read. Please add a comment if you wish!

Love Jen and Sam x

Welcome to Drafts & Dressage!

A big warm welcome from both myself and Sam.

A little about us.

My name is Jen, I came into riding later in life in 2013 and Sam came into my life in May 2017. Whilst I am not riding or doing horse related activities I am a wife, mum, boot collector and prosecco lover. I am also very proud to have recently become a Brand Ambassador for a wonderful company called Samberwill Equestrian, and am looking forward to working with them, I will be posting more about this soon. But in the meanwhile please do check out their website here:


Riding wise I love dressage. As you have most likely guessed. As I have started to ride later on my life I am behind somewhat. I’m often out hacking and practice where I can as we don’t have a school but, thats merely a small obstacle. I am looking forward to taking some dressage tests this year and really making some progress in my riding. I won’t ever pretend I am any better than I am, so please be kind and pretty please don’t expect any photos of Piaffe! (HA!)

Sam is a 17.2hh Irish Draft and whilst he is 20 years young, he doesn’t act like it. He has spent most of his career as a hunter, and has proved himself to be sensible and bold. He has done some dressage in his past, and this is where we are hoping to build upon what he’s done and what I’ve done and of course most importantly have fun.

Thanks for taking the time to be here, enjoy!

Jen & Sam